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Agenda Overview

Day 1: Tuesday, September 11, 2018

8:15AM Registration and refreshments
9:00AM IJGlobal’s welcome address and market analysis

To open the conference, a senior member of our editorial team will provide a detailed analysis of the global energy and infrastructure finance market, based on IJGlobal’s exclusive data to frame and contextualise the following discussions.

Angus Leslie-Melville, Editorial Director, IJGlobal
9:20AM Understanding hybrid financing structures and what opportunities they offer to investors and lenders alike
  • What financing structures are developers currently viewing as most attractive?
  • What new hybrid structures are being developed to facilitate the rise of merchant risk in renewables projects?
  • Where are institutional investors adding the most value, and is there scope to increase their market participation?
  • To what extent are lenders operating on old structures of financing that don’t account for changes in market conditions? 
  • Is traditional project finance a thing of the past or is there still scope for its role in emerging markets?
Moderator: Angus Leslie-Melville, Editorial Director, IJGlobal
Alistair Perkins, Head Of Infrastructure & Project Finance, NN Investment Partners
Stewart Robinson, Managing Director, Power, Energy & Infrastructure, Cantor Fitzgerald Europe
Jean-Francis Dusch, Managing Director, Global Head Of Infrastructure Finance, Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management
Ian Dixon, Managing Director and Analytical Head of EMEA & APAC, Global Infrastructure & Project Finance, Fitch Ratings
10:10AM EDHECinfra: Benchmarking private infrastructure
  • Narrowing the ‘data gap’
  • Building a benchmark and understanding risk
  • Risk-adjusted performance of private infrastructure debt and equity – findings from 20 years of data
  • How does infrastructure debt and equity perform relative to the public market
Sarah Tame, Associate Director, EDHEC Infrastructure Institute
10:30AM Morning Refreshments and Networking Break
11:15AM The New Drivers of Pension and Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment in Infrastructure

In this presentation the Director General of the World Pensions Council will explore the evolving role of pension and sovereign wealth funds in supporting the development of energy and infrastructure across the world.

M Nicolas J. Firzli, Director-General, World Pensions Council, Advisory Board Member, World Bank Global Infrastructure Facility
11:30AM A closer look at the role of DFIs: Is their capital consistently being deployed in the countries and sectors that need their support the most?
  • What are the key challenges facing DFIs today, and how are they seeking to overcome these?
  • Identifying the key differences in assessment criteria for investors when looking to invest into emerging markets, as opposed to developed markets. How can DFIs assist investors in these situations?
  • Partnering with DFIs: How can investors and lenders benefit from increased cooperation with DFIs?
  • How important is governmental decision making in enabling DFIs to be able to deploy capital where it is needed most? How best can DFIs and governments collaborate?


Moderator: Carina Radford, Partner, White & Case LLP
Binny Prabhakar, Infrastructure Consultant, African Development Bank, AfDB
Lynn Tabernacki, Deputy Vice President Sme Finance & Head Of Global Energy, Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)
Javier Huergo, Chief Investment Officer, FRV
12:15PM The Big Debate!

Two expert speakers will take to the stage to argue for and against the following motion:

“Despite DFIs successfully facilitating vast amounts of investment into infrastructure globally, the projects that most need support from these institutions are still not receiving it”

For the motion: Laurie Mahon, Vice Chair, US Investment Banking, Co-Head of Global Infrastructure and Power, CIBC Capital Markets
Against the motion:
Moderator: Jon Whiteaker,
Editor, IJGlobal

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this debate by both sides are not necessarily the views held by those participating or the institutions they represent.

Moderator: Jon Whiteaker, Editor, IJGlobal
Laurie Mahon, Vice Chair, Us Investment Banking, Co-Head Of Global Infrastructure And Power, CIBC Capital Markets
1:00PM Networking Lunch

Stream 1

2:15PM A word from our hosts: A look at the Dutch PPP pipeline and the next steps for developing the country’s infrastructure

This presentation will be delivered by RWS and will explore some of the key reasons why the Dutch PPP pipeline has consistently succeeded in bringing strong, bankable projects to the market, whilst overcoming challenges along the way. It will also consider what comes next in Dutch infrastructure, with a look towards promoting innovation and smart technology.     

2:45PM What is going to reinvigorate the industry’s interest in European PPPs again
  • What is the current outlook from investors considering the European PPP market?
  • How motivated are investors to look outside of Europe for projects with higher returns?
  • A closer look at the role of governments to promote innovation through PPPs
  • Have there been notable shortcoming in European PPPs over the past few years, and what can be done to rectify these in the future?
Moderator: Beatrice Mavroleon, Senior Reporter, IJGlobal
Daniel Fedson, Director, Global Infrastructure Hub
Michael Feith, Policy Officer, Financing of Infrastructure, European Commission
Dessislava Strothmann, Project Finance & Capital Market Leader, VIFG
Klaus Kathmann, Head of Structured Finance and Asset Management, Strabag International Gmbh
3:30PM Afternoon Refreshments and Networking Break
4:15PM Is Latin America the most exciting region for the global project finance community?
  • Should we expect a significant impact on project pipelines from the results of the 2018 elections in the region?
  • To what extent are traditionally European focussed developers keen to venture into Latin America? What are the key motivations to do so?
  • Examining at the most exciting prospects in the region
  • How much room is there for foreign investors to enter the market, given how competitive many of the project actions have already been?
Alejandro Blasco Ruiz, Head of Investor Relations, Banobras
Bart Doyle, Chief Operations Officer, Mainstream Renewable Power
Diego Jiménez, Investment Director Latam, John Laing
Michael Schütt, Head Of Finance, Fraport AG
5:00PM Is there a case to overhaul the baseload power system in the US?
  • What are the most acute areas for improvement in gas and transmission grids in the US? Does this pose legitimate opportunities for greenfield development for sponsors?
  • A closer look at the market’s relative reluctance to invest in greenfield projects, given low returns: How important is it to reverse this trend, and how soon should we expect this?
  • Assessing the need to create a coherent energy policy in the US: Encouraging cooperation and communication between regional transmission organisations and federal regulators.
Bob Simmons, Senior Managing Director, Marathon Capital

Stream 2

2:15PM Case Study: Nacala Corridor Railway and Port Project, Mozambique & Malawi – Winning deal at the IJGlobal Awards

Key participants involved in this award winning deal will outline the journey to financial close, including some of the key challenges and learns they took from the experience. This integrated and transformative project is of particular interest, with it being praised as a potential template for other significant resource-based transport projects in Africa in the future.

Vasco Vitorio, Director, Infrastructure & Real Estate Group, HSBC
Adalgisa Vieira, Funding Manager, Vale
2:45PM Ask the market… The Africa Assessment

In this session a variety of players, all of whom are interested in deploying capital in African energy and infrastructure, will detail their perspectives on the region.

What has held them back from deploying capital already? What do they need to see in Africa to motivate them to take a more active role in the market? How might they look to approach issues posed by foreign exchange rates? And what areas in particular are they most excited to explore in the region?

Moderator: Alexandra Dockreay, Senior Reporter, IJGlobal
Marco Angelino, Chief Financial Officer, Enel Green Power, South Africa
Steven Mandel, Director, Denham Capital Management (UK) LLP
Vuyo Ntoi, Senior Investment Director, African Infrastructure Investment Managers
3:30PM Afternoon Refreshments and Networking Break
4:15PM Ask the market… The Middle East Assessment

In this session a variety of players, all of whom are active or interested in deploying capital in energy and infrastructure in the Middle East, will detail their perspectives on the region.

What has held them back from deploying capital already? What do they need to see in the Middle East to motivate them to take a more active role in the market? What are the greatest challenges to operating in the Middle East? And what areas in particular are they most excited to explore in the region?

Moderator: Simon Harvey, Partner, Reed Smith LLP
Matthew Nathan, Chief Investment Officer, Al Blagha Group Investments
5:00PM The global M&A outlook: With high levels of liquidity and limited assets available, how are companies establishing themselves in a highly competitive secondary market?
  • Will Europe continue to see such high levels of secondary market activity and where are the greatest opportunities for investors?
  • Has there been a recalibration of return expectations in the light of aggressive pricing?
  • With lower returns on offer in Europe, where else are investors motivated to explore?
  • Examining upcoming M&A pipelines globally  
  • What are the implications of the overall competitive environment, and how sustainable is this environment?
Moderator: Leith Moghli, Partner, Reed Smith LLP
Karl Smith, Managing Director, Green Investment Group
Eduard Ruijs, Managing Director, BlackRock
Matt Evans, Partner, Global Infrastructure Energy, AMP Capital
Gordon McKenna, Managing Director, Global Infrastructure & Power, CIBC
5:45PM Close of day 1 of the conference, followed by networking drinks reception

Day 2: Wednesday, September 12, 2018

8:30AM Morning refreshments

Stream 1

9:15AM What opportunities does the move away from long term PPAs for European renewable energy projects offer for investors?
  • Assessing the sustainability of the subsidy free model for European renewables
  • How will the increasing role of utilities in delivering projects impact the market?
  • What are the implications for the role of funds in the sector, given the move towards merchant risk?
  • What measures are lenders taking to educate themselves on these new developments in the market to inform their financing solutions?
  • A closer look at the complex asset exchange between E.ON and RWE in Germany: What are the implications for Europe’s energy landscape? 
Raphael Lance, Managing Director, Renewable Energy Infrastructure Funds, Mirova
David Swindin, Head Of Emea, Cubico Sustainable Investments Ltd
Boris Balan, Vice President, Europe, Northland Power
10:00AM Taking the relevant steps to effectively interconnect European transmission networks
  • Assessing the need for transmission interconnection, due to concerns over the intermittency of renewable energy generation
  • Can regulation by adequately harmonised across Europe to facilitate the interconnection? Which regulatory concerns pose the greatest challenge?
  • How might the proposed integration of European transmission networks impact utilities, both in the short and long term?
Moderator: Angus Leslie-Melville, Editorial Director, IJGlobal
Charles Dupont, Head of Infrastructure Finance, Schroders
Yann Le Bot, Director, Energy Finance, Société Générale
Fiona Reilly, Executive Partner, Atlantic SuperConnection
10:45AM Refreshments and Networking Break
11:30AM Exploring Argentina’s new PPP framework and what this means for the country’s transportation plan
  • How has the Argentine PPP framework evolved over the past year and how has the new framework impacted pricing and project structures?
  • What is the pipeline of projects looking like now? What opportunities are there for international investors?
  • ECAs, DFIs and multilaterals and their appetite for Argentine infrastructure deals
  • Is there scope to have commercial banks finance these projects on a syndicated basis? 
José Luis Morea, Undersecretary Of Public Private Participation, Ministry of Finance, Argentina
12:15PM With recent reform and new market developments, is the full potential of the Brazilian market being realised?
  • How has BNDES’s reformed role impacting financing trends for the country’s energy and infrastructure projects?
  • What is the expected impact from the modernisation of the new regulatory framework in Brazil have on the market?
  • How effective has Brazil’s Investment Partnerships Program in stimulating the market?
  • How do the revenues from public auction PPAs, free market PPAs, and spot market energy selling compare in Brazil for investors?
Pablo Otin, Vice President, Emerging Markets, 8minutenergy Renewables
Marcos Meireles, Chief Executive Officer, RioEnergy
1:00PM Networking Lunch and close of conference

Stream 2

9:15AM To what extent is there a noticeable shift in Asian markets in welcoming foreign investment, and how will impact deal flow?
  • Where are the greatest opportunities for investment in Asia?
  • How attractive are the returns on PPAs in Asia for international players, and how much of a barrier to entry are concerns over froing exchange rates?
  • Securing long term lending: Highlighting the importance of the role of DFIs and local banks
  • Is there a need to increase trust between public and private sector to promote PPPs in Asia and build sustainable project pipelines?
Moderator: Bree Miechel, Partner, Reed Smith LLP
Ranjan Moulik, Managing Director, Power & Renewables Infrastructure Industry Group, Natixis
Geoffrey Tan, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)
10:00AM Green financing: Continuing to unlock the potential of green bonds and understanding the benefits of green loans
  • How much demand is there for green financing from an investor perspective?
  • How do green bonds compare to green loans as financing solutions for investors? 
  • Understanding how green loans can boost lender confidence, given that they require a more rigorous analysis of underlying assets
  • Which projects are best suited to access green financing?
Michael Ridley, Global Head Of Green Bond Research, HSBC
Rajesh Hemnani, Investment Manager, Infrastructure, CDC Group
10:45AM Refreshments and Networking Break
11:30AM The growth of corporate PPAs and their importance in an increasingly subsidy-free market
  • With no single ‘off the shelf’ solution, how do corporate PPAs differ from traditional PPAs and how do we ensure that they are bankable solutions?
  • Gauging investor appetite for corporate PPAs: How do investors view their risk profile?
  • What are the key challenges of executing successful corporate PPAs?
  • Examining the successes of existing corporate PPAs: What lessons can we take forward for the future? 
Moderator: Felicity Jones, Partner, Everoze
Michael Fabisiak, Head Of Project Finance, Americas, ICBC
12:15PM As energy storage becomes increasingly mainstream, is there a stand out model that most appeals to investors and lenders in the space?
  • Energy storage technologies: Current methods and associated risks, capacities and bankability
  • Which financing mechanisms are proving most effective to help energy storage projects to reach financial close? 
  • Understanding the positive implications of blockchain and big data for energy storage projects
  • Comparing the benefits and challenges of integrating energy storage into existing projects verses developing the technology alongside new energy projects
Dan Wells, Partner, Foresight Group
Andrew Wojtek, Director, Aquila Capital
Tobias Reichmuth, Chief Executive Officer, SUSI Partners AG
Rosheen McGuckian, Chief Executive Officer, NTR