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Agenda topics include

Ministry of Finance Keynote
A new dawn for Peruvian infrastructure: Reviving the project pipeline for infrastructure and rebuilding investor confidence in the sector

-How is the MEF encouraging infrastructure development following the setbacks of the last 18 months?

-How will the government handle regulation while encouraging growth in the sector?

-What will anti-corruption legislation look like and how will it be received by private developers?

-What concessions and sectors are priority for the government?

-Defining new concession models: Financing structures and risk management in the new Peruvian scenario


ProInversion: Defining new objectives and strategies to bring projects forward

-What is the strategy of ProInversion to reinitiate projects that were delayed or cancelled?

-In which sectors will the government focus attention and resource?

-Is further restructuring required to move forward and deliver on objectives?

-Defining the framework for concession contracts and project structures

-Highlighting investment opportunities within Provinversion’s project portfolio


Trains, Road, Airports: Prioritizing the transport project pipeline

-How will the government push forward much needed transportation developments and what is the appetite from investors?

-Outlook for road concessions, including the Anillo Vial Periférico, Longitudinal de la Sierra, Autopista del Norte

-Status of Jorge Chavez Airport expansion and outlook for upcoming airport developments

-Survey of rail concessions in the pipeline, including the Train Huanchaco: What is the market appetite for Peruvian rail?


Macroeconomic debate: Strategies for Peru’s development

-Assessing the macroeconomic and political outlook in Peru

-What steps should be followed to incentivize growth and deliver on necessary infrastructure projects?

-What actions are required to maintain Peru’s competitive advantage and appeal to international investors?


In a current state of electricity oversupply, what is the outlook for energy strategy long-term?

-Increasing the focus on energy efficiency: Key technologies and incorporating them into the Peruvian energy system

-To what degree will the government augment the portion of generation from renewables?

-What are the expectations for upcoming renewables auctions?

-Looking at rural electrification solutions and off-grid successes, such as Ergon PV

-Outlook for transmission developments following the most recent concessions


Strengthening institutional frameworks for the prevention of corruption

-How can efficiency be built into Peru’s ministries and how can progressive action within ministries be incentivized?

-The future of the ‘Construction Club’: Conducting thorough corruption investigations and prevention without halting development and impacting on economic growth

-Plans for Peru’s forward progress and control against corruption, and impact on the project pipeline

-How are these frameworks being applied? For example, within initiatives for the ‘Construction con Cambios’


Developer perspective on Peruvian infrastructure: Overcoming concerns and seeking opportunities in the new market landscape

-How do developers perceive the vision of the government for infrastructure concessions and what are their main concerns for entering into contracts?  How can these concerns be addressed?

-Debating proposed changes to the payment mechanism scheme: Associated costs and benefits

-How could this change be applied without adversely impacting the risk profile of projects?

-Defining the new landscape for project sponsors in Peru: What consolidation in the market might we see? Where are the opportunities for new entrants to the market?


Oil and gas sector outlook:  Regulatory changes and future developments to replace the cancelled Gasoducto pipeline

-Expectations for modifications to the oil and gas law: How will changes to contract terms impact on financing?

-What is the outlook for pipeline infrastructure following the cancellation of Gasoducto? What proposed solutions/projects are on the table?

-Update on the Talara refinery modernization and next steps for PetroPeru after last year’s successful bond issuance


Port review:  Successful closing for Puerto de Pisco and expectations for the Port of Salaverry

-Puerto de Pisco: What were the main challenges to achieving financial close and how were these overcome?

-What lessons/experiences from the Puerto de Pisco transaction can be applied to other concessions in or entering the market?

-Expectations surrounding the Port of Salaverry: How will the project move forward and what will the financing structures look like?


Titicaca water treatment facility: A back to basics success?

-Highlighting the features of the Titicaca water facilities transaction and structure

-Is the model used for Aguas de Titicaca a model to be replicated as Peru reassesses concessions across sectors?


Reconstruction of the North: How can the market deliver on these projects?

-What projects have been started as part of the reconstruction effort from El Niño?

-What is the plan to execute on delayed projects and under what timeframe can we expect their development?

-Assessing scale and focus of the reconstruction initiative

-Where opportunities are available for the private sector?