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Agenda Overview

Day 1: Thursday, September 19, 2019

8:00AM Registration and morning refreshments
8:55AM Chairperson’s opening remarks
9:00AM Macro session: What is the state of the Latin American economy?
  • What is the state of the Latin American economy? How has the Latin American economy progressed since last year?
  • Will having operating leverage help airlines exposed to Latin America improve their balance sheets?
  • What are the challenges for the sustainable development of Latin American airlines?
9:30AM Latin American airlines double down on commitment to new technology aircraft
  • What impact do we expect 2019 fleet renewals to have on the Latin American airline market?
  • What strategies do Latin American airlines have in place for phasing out older aircraft?
  • What role will the E2 and other regional new technology aircraft play in this marketplace?
Jose Ignacio Dougnac, Chief Financial Officer, Sky Airline
Roberto Held, Chief Financial Officer, Avianca
Carlos Sierra, Partner, ABOGADOS SIERRA S.C.
José E Golffier, Chief Financial Officer, Viva Aerobus Mexico
Richard Lark, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, GOL Airlines
10:10AM Will rising costs of capital spell opportunity for lessors?

Latin American airlines have recently largely opted to buy new technology airct, taking advantage of low rates for financing and a benign macro-environment. Will this continue in the region or will raising capital costs offer lessors an opportunity to gain greater penetration?

John Burtz, Senior Vice President, Regional Manager, Airline Marketing - Americas, SMBC Aviation Capital
Walter Valarezo, Head of Americas - Sales, DAE Capital
Priscilla Branco, Senior Vice President & Regional Manager, Latin America & The Caribbean, GECAS
Joey Zhou, Senior Vice President, BOCOMM Aviation Leasing Ireland
10:50AM Morning refreshments & networking break
11:30AM Volaris continues to deliver positive results in 2019

Hear Volaris' Chief Financial Officer, Sonia Jerez Burdeus, deliver a presentation about Volaris' financial strategy moving forward, which structures make sense to help fund new aircraft deliveries and where he see's the state of the Mexican market for airlines.

Sonia Jerez Burdeus, Chief Financial Officer, Volaris
12:00PM Networking lunch
1:30PM LATAM restructuring bears fruit
  • Low CAPEX & fleet requirements have allowed LATAM to reduce debt, do we expect this strategy to continue into 2019?
  • Will LATAM’s decision to tap the unsecured bond market in 2019 with a $600million offering signal further utilisation of this market space?
  • Which financing options are attractive in supporting the planned 5-7% capacity growth?
Andres del Valle, Senior Vice President Corporate Finance, LATAM Airlines
2:00PM How strong is the demand for regional aircraft in Latin America?
  • With Latin American airlines displaying a healthy appetite for new technology narrow-body aircraft, where can regional aircraft fit into airline fleet planning strategies?
  • How can regional aircraft help overcome challenges with regards to connectivity in the region?
  • How strong is the aftermarket for these aircraft in Latin America?
Vagner Ricardo, Senior Manager, Marketing For Latin America & Caribbean, Embraer
2:30PM The evolution of the engine lease product
  • How has the engine lease product evolved since 2018 and what will the next 12 months look like?
  • How has the engine sector recovered from well publicised delivery delays?
  • How active has the engine aftermarket been in Latin America?
Joseph O'Brien, Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Chief Commercial Officer, Engine Lease Finance Corporation
3:00PM Afternoon refreshments & networking break
3:30PM Where can financiers most effectively deploy capital in Latin America?
  • Latin American airlines increasingly opt to own rather than lease aircraft, which financial structures are best suited to support large orders of new technology aircraft?
  • Where does the balance lie between asset, credit and jurisdiction risk in LATAM?
  • Do we expect more airlines to tap the cross border bond market?
Benoist de Vimal, Director - Airfinance Group Americas, Natixis
Rafael Kuhn, Director - Aviation Capital Markets and Debt Private Placements, Deutsche Bank Securities
Thomas Hollahan, Managing Director, Citi Bank
4:10PM Disrupting super-city travel: Urban Air Mobility

Urban Air Mobility faces us with the prospect of major disruption in how commuters navigate the world’s increasing number of supercities. We’ve all been sat in standstill traffic, surrounded by a cacophony of engines, car horns and road rage. It doesn’t have to be this way, and Airbus’ Urban Air Mobility program is intent on creating a new reality for our cities’ commuters.

Darcy Olmos-Mancilla, Head of Urban Air Mobility - LATAM, Airbus UAM
Enrique Aguilar, Country Manager, Voom, an Airbus Company
4:50PM Chairperson's closing remarks
5:00PM Open cocktail reception

Enjoy a drinks reception brought to you by Holland & Knight, Abogados Sierra, Parra Rodriguez Abogados and Machado Meyer.

Day 2: Friday, September 20, 2019

9:00AM Morning refreshments and networking
9:30AM Chairperson's opening remarks
9:35AM Will improving economics in Argentina result in increased fleet expansion?
  • Dollar interest rates reached as high as 70% in 2018 – what impact do rates continue to have on Argentinian carriers?
  • How effective have existing fuel hedging strategies proven to be?
  • What fleet expansion plans are Argentinian carriers working on and how do they intend to finance them?
10:15AM Forward thinking: What will the future of Latin American aviation look like?

In this wide ranging interview hear GECAS CCO Declan Kelly explore what the future of this industry may look like; highlighting key trends that any successful aviation finance professional needs to understand and where the next big aviation disruption is likely to come from.

Laura Mueller, Managing Director, Airfinance Journal
Declan Kelly, Chief Commercial Officer, GE Capital Aviation Services
10:45AM The impact of new engine technology developments
  • What’s happening in the jet engine segment?
  • Design for revenue, not just cost
  • The future of jet engine design
Evan Harding, LEAP/CFM Marketing Director, CFM
11:25AM Morning refreshments & networking break
11:55AM Viva Air proves the ULCC/LCC model continues to flourish in Latin America
  • How strong will the ULCC/LCC model prove to be in Latin America over the next 5 years?
  • What impact have we seen the emergence of low-cost operations have on legacy incumbents?
  • How well positioned are carriers to handle macro-economic deterioration?
Stephen Rapp, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Viva Air Group
12:25PM AeroMexico diversifies their financing strategy
Ricardo Javier Sanchez Baker, Chief Financial Officer, Aeromexico