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Event Overview

European Renewable Energy Investors' Council, taking place on the 15th of May 2018 in Le Meridien, London, is a one of a kind, intimate networking event for seasoned renewable industry investors and financiers.

Please note that this is an invitation-only event, email to check your eligibility

The agenda has been designed to generate substantive, interactive discussion among all participants. A curated table plan will direct you to circular tables, where you will find yourself next to different types of companies involved in the supply chain. All to serve the purpose of learning about your peers experience and to have in-depth conversations with fellow investors, bankers, developers, governments and utilities.

Each panel starts with brief presentations that are followed by focussed conversations amongst those at the tables. The statements and information presented on the stage will become basis for elaboration between the participants allowing them to express their views and contribute to the discussions that will inevitably shape their industry.

Each table will then briefly present their conclusions and findings and the chairman will summarise all at the end. 



08:15 Registration and refreshments  

09:00 Session 1. Third Energy Transition -  Europe 2050 and beyond. What moves the market forward and what disrupts it? 

Voting: Place your bets on what will be the most important new energy debates in 2020! Pick your top 3.

After live voting these issues will be discussed at each table and moderators will present their top three and these can develop or disrupt the industry by 2050.

  • A game changer? Putting climate risk and environmental and social indicators on a par with traditional financial metrics and risk calculations
  • Fossil fuel divestment movement versus recovering investment into oil and gas assets
  • Governance of the EU-UK energy relationship post Brexit
  • Who is going to procure and who is going to own?
  • What are the unintended consequences resulting from corporate buyers directing where they want additional generation? How will that impact the strategies of traditional system planners and wholesale prices?
  • Blockchain technology: The next thing before it is even a thing?
  • Electric Cars: Fleet structure, risk profiles, infrastructure models and finance structures
  • Distributed Solar, Floating Solar
  • Smart grid infrastructure
  • Will increased battery usage remove the need for continued interconnectivity?
  • Are renewables heading towards becoming “large scale” or “global infrastructure”? What would the cost of capital be if we become “large infra”?

09:05 Voting (10 minutes)

09:15 Panel debate (20 minutes)

09:35 Discussion at the tables (20 minutes)

09:55 Results presentation and Q&A (20 minutes)

Ian Berry, Head of Infrastructure Equity, Aviva Investors

Kees-Jan van de Kamp, Senior Portfolio Manager, NN Investment Partners

Graham Harding, Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer, British Solar Renewables*

Jonathan Maxwell, Chief Executive Officer, Sustainable Development Capital*

Martin Berkenkamp, Chief Executive Officer, A2E


10:20 Session 2. Zero hour for Europe: Regulators and Governments

Three policy keynotes from senior executives from Governments will be followed by discussions at the tables and questions to the presenters.

  • UK/ Scotland/Ireland: Is there more clarity on what is going to happen to the UK energy market after Brexit?
  • France: The (offshore) winds of change. Renewables incentive mechanisms
  • Germany: The Bundesnetzagentur. Latest regulations

10:50 Debate at the tables:

  • Is winter (package) coming to Europe and what does it bring?
  • How low can tariff prices be for different technologies in 12 months?
  • Which technologies made it and which didn’t? What will be planned and backed up?
  • What will provide the right pricing signals?
  • To what extend do financial market considerations play a role in current discussions?
  • What does a resilient and renewable grid mean?
  • What will the renewable landscape look like with very low tariffs or when they become obsolete altogether?

Presentations (30 minutes)

Discussions at the tables (20 minutes)

Q&A (20 minutes)

Akshay Kaul, Partner, Ofgem

David Kerins, Economist, European Investment Bank


11:30 Networking coffee break 

12:00 Session 3: Corporate as a procurer 

A panel for Corporate offtakers, equity investors, debt providers and utilities

  • What is driving large corporates to purchase long-term power? 
  • How much of a procurement is going to occur on behalf of the corporates and what are the implications? What will the effect on wholesale pricing be?
  • Who is going to procure and who is going to own?
  • What do non-utility equity groups offer traditional equity partners?
  • What are the risks now for offshore wind equity?
  • Do utilities still have the balance sheet capacity for new renewables projects?
  • What have we learned from first financed corporate PPAs’ cost of capital?
  • What can be the winning financing structures?
  • Investors’ views on merchant risks, shorter debt tenors and deals
  • Lenders’ risk profiling and credit analysis

Presentation: 3 top PPA Models (10 min) Nithin Rajelavu, Partner, Everoze Partners

Panel Debate (30 minutes)

Discussions at the round tables (20 minutes)

Q&A (10 minutes)

Senior Executive, Forsa Energy*

Ian Hunter, Director, RES Group*

Glenn Harris, Senior Originator, Centrica Energy Marketing & Trading*

Philip Prause, Vice President, GreenGo Energy Group*


13:15 Lunch 

14:15 Session 4. Investments and debt pricing 

Fireside chat with a leading developer (10 minutes) 

  • What sources of capital are you targeting, and why?
  • Are you happy with the deal terms you are getting?
  • Support from financing or tariffs?

Fireside chat with a leading lender (10 minutes)

  • Evolution of attitudes towards construction and technology risks
  • Insights on ratings for new emerging type of offtakers
  • What is the potential for project bonds? Green bonds?
  • Are banks or other debt providers looking at merchant?
  • Offshore wind opportunities

Fireside chat with a leading project sponsor/equity provider (10 minutes)

  • What sort of revenue certainty do investors require?
  • Assets valuations: Which sources of demand are pushing up pricing or what other factors are doing it?
  • Where would you spend your money? Evaluating the risks when the procurer is not a utility, but a tech company 

14:45 Debate on stage (30 minutes)

15:15 Discussions at the round tables (30 minutes)

  • Issues from the fireside chats
  • What debt pricing various asset types should be, are and will be achieving?

15:15 – 15: 40 Results presentation and Q&A (20 minutes)


Keith Mangan, Senior Portfolio Manager, BlackRock Renewable Power

Paul Corrigan, Head of Mainstream Renewable Capital, Mainstream Renewables

David Nelson, Executive Director, Energy Finance Program, CPI (Climate Policy Initiative)

15.40 Deals Auction

A pipeline deal will be auctioned at the end of the day. Each table will present their bid submission and financing package for the deal. The audience will vote on the auction’s winner based on the viability on the submissions presented.

16:00 Coffee and networking break 

16:30 Session 6. The “i-phone” moment 

Unlike conventional power generation, renewable energy follows a different concept – it is a technology play, rather than “commodity play”. With improving technology, costs decline dramatically and new business opportunities grow quickly: demand side management, storage, voltage control, new IPPs coming to the market, corporate offtakers. Can these advances make emerging technologies bankable? How are other more traditional forms of renewable energy adapting to the changes?

  • Battery Storage
  • Geothermal, biomass, tidal,  Floating Offshore Wind, hydro
  • Decentralised Energy: What does it entail for the supply chain? Gird congestion and investment deferral revenue
  • Blockchain technology: Is that a disruptor or enabler?
  • Big Data for operational renewables
  • Electric vehicles
  • IoT
  • Smart grid infrastructure

Peter Backmann, Director, Scottish Equity Partners

17:20 Chairmen closing remarks

17:30 Drinks Reception



This event is part of the REFF Europe conference.

To find more on how you can get involved contact the team: 

Tel: UK +44 (0)20 7779 7222