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Agenda Overview

Pre-Conference: Wednesday, January 23, 2019

6:00PM Canada Power 10th Anniversary Event

The Esso Great Hall: 

Open to all, join us to celebrate 10 years of coverage in pan-Canadian power markets. Cocktails, networking and a look back at the last decade in our industry.

Day 1: Thursday, January 24, 2019

8:00AM Women in Renewable Energy Networking Breakfast

Hosted by: Women in Renewable Energy

Breakfast host opening remarks:


Joanna Osawe, Chair, Executive Director & Co-Founder, WiRE
9:00AM Chairs opening remarks
9:10AM Government Keynote Presentation: The Ontario Government’s Plan for Power

In the wake of the Progressive Conservative victory in 2018’s provincial elections, how does the new government plan to execute its promises regarding the energy price in Ontario in the short term? What does that mean for existing and future renewable developments? And what is the plan, step-by-step, to change Ontario’s energy system more permanently?

9:40AM Panel: Sovereign Risk: Is it back? Did it ever leave? Can it be bounded?
  • Ontario - The White Pines fall-out: A one-off, or a worrying sign for project sponsors in Ontario and other Provinces?
  •  Examining the perceived creditworthiness, to lenders and rating agencies, of current and future projects in the province
  •  How can project developers, owners and financiers protect themselves against these new risks?
  • Can lessons be learned from government actions of this nature elsewhere? How have counterparties dealt with it?
  • Assessing the likelihood of further contract cancellations and renegotiations
Moderator: Joe Palin, Partner, McCarthy Tétrault
Stephen Somerville, Vice President, Business Development & Acquisitions, H2O Power LP
Kenneth Little, Project Manager, EDP Renewables
Cory Basil, Vice President, Development, EDF Renewables
10:25AM Presentation: Politics and Projects
  • A province-by-province outline of recent and potential government changes
  • What are their implications?
  • Anticipating the outcome of provincial opposition to federal carbon taxes
  • Have we seen the end of the era of provincial off takers as perfect project counterparties?
  • Assessing the likelihood of further contract cancellations and renegotiations
Ted Gruetzner, Vice President Energy, Environment and Resources, Global Public Affairs
10:45AM Morning refreshment break
11:15AM Panel: The debt markets: Who is satisfied? Who isn’t getting their slice of the pie?
  • Business in power and PPP markets has generally dovetailed – what is keeping lenders active whilst both are in a lull?
  • How rich is the refi seam? Can secondary market debt continue to fill the greenfield hole?
  • How has the rise of bond finance in the refi market affected the commercial lender space?
  • To what extent would increasing the amount of rated debt bring more investors to the fore?
  • Exploring evolving rating methodology behind power deals
  • What services are Canadian banks offering to clients as they venture overseas?
Moderator: Bruce Fowler, Partner, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
Carmelo Restifo, Director, Project Finance, MUFG
John Pak, Managing Director, National Bank Financial
David Jesty, Managing Director, Manulife Financial
12:00PM Panel: Asset rotation: What’s driving developers out of, and investors into, the ownership of generating facilities?
  • Can we expect to see the flux of portfolio and asset sales continue in lieu of a greenfield dearth?
  • Identifying the drivers behind new Canadian institutional investors entering the renewable space – often on a leveraged basis
  • What has been the impact of the increase in competition for European investors?
  • How can political uncertainty being used as a boon for investors buying assets from spooked sellers?
  • The importance of post-PPA viability: What assurances do buyers need?
  • For how long can the secondary market satisfy Canadian debt advisors and financiers?
Moderator: Anthony Spadaro, Partner, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineber
Juan Caceres, Vice President and Senior Investment Director, Axium Infrastructure
Anna Slisarenko, Founder, ASI Capital Advisory Inc.
12:45PM Lunch
1:45PM Panel: Going south: The US as a destination for Canadian transmission, development, and investment
  • Hydro Quebec’s bid success in Massachusetts
    • What does it mean for development in the province?
    • How will the transmission line be financed?
  • What are the drivers behind utilities, like OPG, moving south?
Jean Trudel, Chief Investment & Development Officer, Innergex
Joanna Osawe, Chair, Executive Director & Co-Founder, WiRE
Nicolle Butcher, Vice President, Strategy and Acquisitions, Ontario Power Generation
2:30PM Presentations: Finding opportunity outside of North America

Three Canadian leaders will outline their experiences of investing and developing abroad – identifying key challenges, the support they need from service providers and financiers, and where they’re looking to invest now

1. Northland’s Greenfield Offshore Wind Expansion into Taiwan

John Pires, Vice President, Head of M&A and Project Finance, Northland Power

2. Outlining the Australasian development and investment pipelines

David Rogers, President and CEO, Amp

3. JCM Power: Canadian experience, DFI capital, and getting deals done in developing markets

Christian Wray, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, JCM Power

Christian Wray, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, JCM Power
John Pires, Vice President, Head of M&A And Project Finance, Northland Power Inc.
David Rogers, Chief Executive Officer, AMP Solar Group Inc
3:15PM Afternoon refreshment break
3:45PM Panel: Project Financing
4:30PM Panel: Charting the development of peak-shaving as an industry: How deep is the opportunity?
  • Who are the technology providers, and what are the different solutions on offer?
  • How deep is the potential customer base for peak-shaving, and what are current levels of technology uptake?
  • Can peak-shaving act as a driver for more behind-the-meter storage and generation facilities?
  • How to finance projects where peak-shaving arbitrage provides the cash-flow
  • Assessing the sustainability of Global Adjustment, and associated peak-shaving, as a business driver
Derek Lim Soo, Chief Executive Officer, Peak Power
Sarah Griffiths, Director of Regulatory and Government Affairs, Enel X
Josh Dale, Executive Director, Rabobank
Rachel Ingram, Vice President, Rodan Energy Solutions
5:15PM Fireside chat: Alberta: Where are we up to in the province keeping greenfield
  • An update on the auctions so far, successful parties, the next stages, and what political change in Alberta could mean for the renewable energy plan
Coleen Volk, Deputy Minister of Energy, Alberta Energy
5:45PM Chairman’s closing remarks and cocktail reception

Day 2: Friday, January 25, 2019

8:30AM Registration and refreshments
9:05AM Chairs opening remarks
Jason Chee-Aloy, Managing Director, Power Advisory LLC
9:15AM Presentation: Getting to grips with Ontario’s Market Renewal

IESO’s vision for the electricity sector outlined, including a detailed look at how the Incremental Capacity Auction will be implemented and used to meet future provincial supply needs

Jason Chee-Aloy, Managing Director, Power Advisory LLC
Alexandra  Campbell, Director, Market Renewal - Capacity Integration, IESO
9:40AM Panel: Offshore wind: Is Canada coming to the party?
  • What’s been done, who are the key players, and how are deals being financed?
  • Exploring East and West Coast development opportunities
  • Outlining the key developments in offshore wind technology and financing
  • Identifying the risks unique to an offshore project
Moderator: Jason Chee-Aloy, Managing Director, Power Advisory LLC
Sunny Gupta, Strategic Partnerships, Orsted
Michelle Chislett, Managing Director, Canada & US Development, Northland Power
Kevin Aylward, Co-Founder, Beothuk Energy Inc
10:30AM Morning refreshment break
11:00AM Roundtable Discussions: An introduction to some of Canada’s key DER players

Distributed Energy In Focus

From 11am until the end of the day, Day Two will focus on distributed generation and storage in Canada

Hosted by market experts in the Executive Meeting Zone, these intimate discussions will each focus on one particular aspect of distributed energy, and allow an open discussion between delegates

Topics to include:

Roundtable 1: What do load serving entities need?

Roundtable 2: Smart grids and smart campuses

Roundtable 3: Municipalities as offtakers and load serving entities

Roundtable 4: Peak-shaving

Host: Kathleen Kauth, Director of Transactive Energy, Peak Power


Roundtable 5: Where is Canada’s SolarCity?

Host: Shaheer Aziz, Director of Commercial Strategy & Development, Grasshopper Solar Corporation


Roundtable 6: The best way to power energy intensive natural resource production

Host: Grace Russell, Director of Operations, Grasshopper Solar

Shaheer Aziz, Director Of Commercial Strategy & Development, Grasshopper Solar Corporation
Kathleen Kauth, Director of Transactive Energy, Peak Power
Grace Russell, Director of Operations, Grasshopper Solar Corporation
12:30PM Lunch
1:30PM Panel: Distributed energy overview: Structuring Canada’s provincial Canadian electricity markets to facilitate DER take-off
  • Identifying the drivers behind, and barriers to, current DER activity in Canada
  • What is driving demand?
  • Current provincial DER markets
  • Key technological advancement in the decentralisation of power
  • What needs to change in market structures to take Canadian corporate power procurement to the same levels as the US? What has been done so far?
Moderator: John Gorman, President & CEO, Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA)
Ron Dizy, SVP, Partnerships and Managing Director, MaRS Advanced Energy Centre
Jeremy Goertz, Managing Director, SunGrid Solutions
Shaheer Aziz, Director Of Commercial Strategy & Development, Grasshopper Solar Corporation
Andrew Clare, Director, Distributed Resources
2:15PM Panel: Decentralised nuclear resources: Understanding the hype as angel investors flood the SMR space
  • How is technology in the SMR space developing?
  • Examining the benefits of SMRs in comparison to other distributed sources of generation: Smaller and more localised?
  • What role can SMRs play in Canada specifically?
  • What is the cost of these facilities, and when will bankers become comfortable with financing them?
Moderator: Paul Harricks, Partner, Gowling WLG
Rory O’Sullivan, CEO, Moltex Energy Canada
Paul Murphy, Managing Director, Special Projects, Gowling WLG
Jeff Lehman, VP, New Nuclear, OPG
3:00PM Case Study: How have DERs come to the aid of remote and indigenous communities?

The speaker will present on how different technologies have been used to help indigenous facilities move away from diesel generation. Are DERs a more realistic solution than T&D development?

Jason Rioux, VP and Chief Development Officer, NRStor
3:30PM Presentation: Taking the load to the point of generation: Co-locating energy intensive facilities with idle and underused power plants in Canada
  • Scoping Canada out as a venue for data centres
  • Could this account, in some cases, for project viability post-PPA?
  • What are provincial utilities doing to entice data centres to Canada?
Anouk Kendall, President, Decentralised Energy Canada (DEC)
4:00PM Dragons’ Den: Putting new Canadian DER technology and concepts to the test

Representatives from three of the leading DER technology and service providers will provide 10 minute presentations on their solutions. After each presentation, the speakers go in front of our ‘Dragons Den’ judging panel, made up of key equity providers, debt financiers and end users to put their products to the test

Judging Panel:

Jack Bittan, Partner, InstarAGF Asset Management Inc

Sebastian Seyfarth, Co-Founder, Solar Provider Group LLC
Anouk Kendall, President, Decentralised Energy Canada


 Bolis Ibrahim, CEO, Argentum Electronics

 Jordan Kennie, CEO & Co-founder, Stash Energy


 Bolis Ibrahim, CEO, Argentum Electronics

 Jordan Kennie, CEO & Co-founder, Stash Energy

 Paul Miller, President, Genalta Power


Sebastian Seyfarth, CEO, Solar Provider Group Ltd.
Bolis Ibrahim, CEO, Argentum Electronics
Jordan Kennie, CEO & Co-founder, Stash Energy
Jack Bittan, Partner, InstarAGF Asset Management Inc.
Anouk Kendall, President, Decentralised Energy Canada (DEC)
Paul Miller, President, Genalta Power
5:15PM Chair’s closing remarks and close of conference
Jason Chee-Aloy, Managing Director, Power Advisory LLC