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Agenda Overview

Day 1: Thursday, March 28, 2019

8:00AM Registration and morning refreshments
9:00AM Government Strategies and Opportunities for Private Sector Investors and Lenders

Chairman’s Opening Remarks – Angus Leslie Melville, Editorial Director, IJGlobal Discovering

A series of keynote presentations from Governments’ officials from Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philipines, Malasia, Myanmar, Sri-Lanka, India

9:45AM Live Voting

Enablers and Barriers: pick you top 4 enablers/disruptors that in your view will be the biggest concern for your teams in 2020.  The chosen 4 topics (most votes) will be discussed at the stage. After that the discussions will continue at each round table followed by Q&A panel.

  • A game changer yet? Putting climate risk and environmental and social indicators in a par with traditional financial metrics and risk calculations
  • Regulatory gaps and restrictions
  • Secondary markets/financial instruments
  • Green bonds/green financing
  • Negative investment list
  • Unbankable regulations/contracts
  • Liquidity or cost of funds
  • Land acquisition issues
  • Currency risk
  • Unsolicited/solicited bids
  • Government capacity or co-ordination
  • Project preparation
  • Tender processes
  • Government budgets/financial support
  • Battery storage
  • Blockchain
  • Electric cars: demand in Asia, fleet structure, risk profiles, business models and finance structures
  • Smart grid infrastructure


10:00AM Leaders’ debate: What moves the market and what disrupts it?
  • What have we learnt from the identified shortfalls faced from already completed PPPs?
  • How can we comprehensively measure the bankability of projects on offer and a success of recently closed deals?
  • Asset recycling – where is it happening?
  • Transparency, governance and competition
  • Investor insights: Evaluating the risks and returns
  • The Belt and Road Initiative: What are the prospects for investors, lenders and developers?
  • ODA hybrid deals in Asia: Benefits and risks. How to maintain quality and encourage investors to join these deals?
10:40AM Coffee and Networking Break

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11:00AM Session 2. Live Voting

Poll 1. Which of the following debt financing requirements do you expect to have (or provide) over the next year?
a)Greenfield development
b) Refinancing of existing debt
c)M&A (acquisition financing and/or refinancing of target assets)

Poll 2. Which of the following markets do you expect will best service your debt financing needs in the next year?
a) Bank market
b)Bond market
c)Development banks, Government Institutions


Poll 3. Do you see opportunities for limited-non-recourse finance to take off in Asia:



11:15AM Session 2. The Great Finance Debate
  • What is the optimal combination of ODA, multilateral and commercial banks loans for financing infrastructure projects?
  • What are the prospects and timelines to develop a functioning project bonds market in Asia?
  • What can we learn from tenders, pricing and structures of recent successful deals?
  • Will hybrid financing work? How?
  • Outbound activity: An opportunity or a distraction?
    Where do we stand in terms of developing project bonds, corporate bonds and green financing?
  • How do funds value assets post PPA 10 years or more for the purpose of NVA?
  • Which insurance companies can commit to invest in infrastructure deals?
  • What can be seen as opportunities in the context of the current market and possible private debt solutions for infra?
  • Foreign exchange risk and local currency financing
  • Managing offtaker risks: Case studies and solutions

11:45 The participants at each table will discuss the issues above. The chairman will invite the representatives from tables to present their conclusions and findings


12:05 – 12:15 Questions and Answers

12:15PM Belt and Road Initiative
  • China’s Flagship Initiative and its Implications for the Asian Economies
  • Full market liberalisation, lifting foreign ownership restrictions: What is the progress and what it all means for inbound and outbound investments?
  • Reduced or no foreign ownership caps – how is this working out?
12:30PM Lunch and Learn.

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12:30- 12:55 IJGlobal Presentation. Understanding hybrid financing structures and what opportunities they offer to investors and lenders alike

2:15PM Session 3. Supersession: PPPs

14:15 The session will kick off with the case-study and voting: IFC*
The case study and solutions will be discussed at each round table and presented by representatives (moderator appointed at each table)

  • Success stories and challenges: Key issues affecting the feasibility and success of PPPs in Asia
  • How do PPPs fit into Asia’s diverse policy environment?
  • How to deal with a lack of consistency and endurance in government policies?
  • Transparency, Good Governance and Anti-Corruption
  • PPP collaboration opportunities in Asia Pacific: Can they help close Asia’s infrastructure gap?
  • What role could capital markets play in financing PPP projects?


4:45PM Session 5. Country Roundtables
5:30PM Close of conference