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Agenda Overview

Day 1: Thursday, March 28, 2019

8:00AM Registration and morning refreshments
8:40AM Morning Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Tony Clamp, Director, Private Sector Facility, Green Climate Fund
9:00AM Opening Panel Discussion: The Great Finance Debate
  • What is the optimal combination of ODA, multilateral and commercial banks loans for financing infrastructure projects?
  • What are the prospects and timelines to develop a functioning project bonds market in Asia?
  • Will hybrid financing work? How?
  • Where do we stand in terms of developing project bonds, corporate bonds and green financing?
  • The increases in securitisation and implications for the market? 
  • How do funds value assets post PPA 10 years or more for the purpose of NVA?
  • Despite enough money in the market there is still a lack of bankable projects, what’s the resolution?
  • Which insurance companies can commit to invest in infrastructure deals?
  • Domestic Vs Offshore lending
  • The move from international banks to the local financing of infrastructure projects, will this trend continue?
  • Foreign exchange risk and local currency financing
Moderator: Mark Houghton, Head of Political Risk, Credit and Bond for Asia Pacific, AXA XL
Geoffrey Tan, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, U.S. International Development Finance Corporation
Han Meng Chan, Founder and Managing Director, ADL Capital Group
Kian Min Low, Chief Development Officer, JERA Energy Development
Edward Gustely, Managing Director, Penida Capital
John Groesbeek, Head Syndications Asia Pacific, IFC
9:45AM Multi-cooperation in Third-Party Market Development—Bank of China’s Perspective
Geng Yuanyuan, Executive Product Manager, Bank of China Limited
10:00AM Offshore wind in Asia Pacific

·      Why have offshore wind projects in the Taiwan Strait have become so attractive to international companies?

·      Details of recent PPA’s and finance schemes

·      What is the ability to replicate the success of recent projects such as Formosa 1?

·      What were the complications? 

·      What can we learn from the regions success in different parts of the world?

Ryan Chua, Head of Taiwan, Macquarie Group
10:30AM Coffee and Networking Break

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11:00AM A focus on the Australian renewables market

•             A brief history of Australian energy policy and its impact on the Australian renewables market.

•             The current renewable energy boom – what is driving it and where will it go from here?

•             Distributed generation (solar and batteries) and the convergence of electricity supply.

•             The implications of this disruption of the traditional electricity supply sector

Shane Cremin, Chief Strategy Officer, Infinity Energy
11:30AM Case study: Singapore’s infrastructure investment initiative

This case study will delve into what Singapore Is doing to support infrastructure in the region. The recent roll out of the S-VACC framework and the recently introduced US$5bn private market programme (PMP) will be discussed. 

Seth Tan, Executive Director, Infrastructure Asia
Clive Kerner, CEO, Clifford Capital
12:00PM Panel Discussion: Latest developments in renewable energy in Asia

•            Understanding Asia’s energy mix and assessing the possibilities for renewables

•            Risks and uncertainties for investors and developers

•            What is the potential for solar, wind and geothermal energy generation?

•            Developers’ perspectives: most effective structures to finance renewable energy infrastructure?

•            Offshore wind projects in China: Optimism in the markets

•            What’s the best PPAs framework for the future?

•            State policies to accelerate renewable energy?

•            Feed in tariff schemes in Asia Pacific

Moderator: Andrew Affleck, Managing Partner, Armstrong Asset Management
Milan Koev, CEO, Hexagon Peak
Gavin Adda, CEO, Industrial & Commercial / Asia, Total
Patrick Jaeger, Head of Project Development, Conergy Group
Richanand Mishra, General Manager, Sinenergy Holdings
Jonathan Tse, Executive Director, Infrastructure, Asia Pacific, Natixis
12:50PM Lunch & Roundtables

Lunch Roundtables- from 1:00pm till 1:40pm:

  • Philippines

Host: Mason Wallick, Managing Director, Infunde Development Pte

  • Vietnam

 Host: Mark Alexander Giblett, Senior Infrastructure Finance Specialist, World Bank Group

  •   Myanmar

Host: Shalabh Singhania,  Head of Portfolio Management, InfraCo Asia

Mark Alexander Giblett, World Bank Group
Mason Wallick, Managing Director, Infunde Development Pte. Ltd.
Shalabh Singhania, Head of Portfolio Management, InfraCo Asia
1:50PM Introduction from Afternoon Chair
Jon Whiteaker, Editor, IJGlobal
2:00PM IJGlobal Presentation: Latest Asia Pacific insights and trends
Jon Whiteaker, Editor, IJGlobal
2:20PM Panel Discussion: Transport infrastructure in Asia Pacific: Mapping the future success stories

•  Southeast Asian governments’ programmes on roads, rail and ports: What to expect and where to invest?

•  Smart cities in Asia. What the infrastructure will look like, prerequisites for investments and finance

•  How have international players responded to new PPP opportunities in Southeast Asia?

•   What would the infrastructure sector look like in 10 years with disruptive technology? 

     If we build infrastructure now how long until it is made redundant?

Moderator: Alexandra Dockreay, Senior Reporter, IJGlobal
Naoyuki Yoshino, CEO, CEO/Dean, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) Emeritus Professor of Keio University, Japan
Hwee Ping Sim, Business Development Manager, Singapore & Southeast Asia, ACCIONA Construccion S.A.
3:00PM Country Focus: Indonesia

What are the opportunities for investors and lenders given the strong presence of state-owned enterprises in many of the critical sectors of the economy?

Eduardo Araral, Professor, National University of Singapore
Hilda Savitri, Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer, PT Indonesia Infrastructure Finance
3:30PM Afternoon coffee break
4:00PM An update on Japanese renewable energy policy

•            The recent development of offshore wind energy related policy

•            An update on the big advances in solar energy related policy

•            The overall Japanese renewable energy policy – an update on recent changes

Yuichiro Yamaguchi, Head Of Renewable Energy And Trade Finance Teams, Development Bank of Japan
4:30PM Leaders’ debate: The infrastructure project sponsors perspective - what moves the market and what disrupts it?
  • What have we learnt from the identified shortfalls faced from already completed PPPs?
  • How can we comprehensively measure the bankability of projects on offer and a success of recently closed deals?
  • How available and accessible is finance is the sector?
  • How are lenders are approaching new emerging infrastructure-like asset classes where precedents for financing / sectoral knowledge may be limited?
  • Asset recycling – where is it happening?
  • Latest developments in regulations and Government support across the region
  • Recent example of product structures
  • The Belt and Road Initiative: What are the prospects for investors, lenders and developers?
  • ODA hybrid deals in Asia: Benefits and risks. How to maintain quality and encourage investors to join these deals?
Clive Kerner, CEO, Clifford Capital
Towfiqua Hoque, Acting Head of Infrastructure Finance, PPPs, and Guarantees (IPG), World Bank, The World Bank Group
Jon Whiteaker, Editor, IJGlobal
Allard Nooy, CEO, InfraCo Asia Development Pte. Ltd.
Seth Tan, Executive Director, Infrastructure Asia
5:10PM Chair’s closing remarks
Jon Whiteaker, Editor, IJGlobal
5:20PM Drinks Reception