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Agenda Overview

Day 1: Tuesday, June 27, 2017

8:00AM LP Breakfast

The LP breakfast will be a forum for investors to get together and discuss views on current investments, portfolio allocations, evolution of fund terms, fee structures and return expectations. Held under Chatham House rules, the breakfast forum will be an informal, interactive and informative session to learn from your peers.

9:00AM Euromoney Welcome
Charlie Corbett, Editorial Director, Euromoney Conferences
9:15AM KEYNOTE INTERVIEW: The future of direct lending: What do the new Presidential Administration, Brexit and growing levels of uncertainty mean for the private debt space?
  • Is the industry going to see continued growth or are we in a bubble?
  • To what extent does the rise of direct lending come down to the investors’ search for yield?
  • Where are the next frontiers for private debt expansion?
Moderator: Charlie Corbett, Editorial Director, Euromoney Conferences
9:45AM PANEL I: To what extent are funds competing for deals in an increasingly competitive market? Will this lead to a higher level of cooperation?
  • What structures are being favoured for lending to sponsors?
  • What is causing the shift away from 2nd lien into unitranche? What different agreements exist amongst lenders in unitranche deals?
  • What has contributed towards the rise of separate accounts in this space?
  • Has a high level of competition contributed towards lower underwriting standards?
Moderator: Steven Ellis, Partner, co-head of The Private Credit Group, Proskauer
Doug Tapley, Director, KKR Asset Management Partners
Michael Ewald, Managing Director, Bain Capital Credit
Raj Makam, Managing Director and Co-Portfolio Manager, Oaktree Capital
Howard Liao, Senior Managing Director, Head of Corporate Credit, Medley
10:30AM Morning refreshments and networking break
11:00AM PANEL II: Institutional Investors: How are investors making allocations to the private debt space?
  • What portfolios does private debt fit into for institutional investors? Are defined portfolios the way forward?
  • Are strategies for smaller institutional investors changing to accommodate more allocations to this asset class?
  • How does appetite for private debt differ between public and private pension funds? What other asset classes are they considering?
  • Where else are investors allocating capital to diversify portfolios?
Moderator: Lawrence Delevingne, Journalist, Thomson Reuters
Nathaniel Molinari, Senior Investment Treasury Analyst, Aegis Insurance Services
Brian Roelke, Managing Director and Head of TIAA private capital, TIAA
Huy Cao, Director, Corporate Credit, Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec
11:45AM DEBATE: Risk, returns and regulation: Does Europe offer a greater opportunity for funds to deploy capital for higher returns?
  • How do the European markets differ from the US? How does risk return profile vary across Europe?
  • What opportunities are there for US managers to deploy funds in Europe?
  • Where in the US and European markets are we going to see convergence?
  • Exploring the increase of cross Atlantic fundraising, deployment and operations
Moderator: Ben Davis, Partner, Corporate and Private Credit Group, Proskauer
Cecile Mayer-Levi, Co-Head of Private Debt, Tikehau Capital
Symon Drake-Brockman, Founder Managing Partner, Pemberton Asset Management
12:20PM Lunch
1:30PM DEBATE: BDCs: How sustainable are current structures?
  • What can make the next generation of BDCs viable?
  • How are BDCs coping with current NAVs and rising levels of debt?
  • Are BDCs as transparent as they claim to be? What is being done to justify fees?
Moderator: B. J. Rosen, Partner, Global Head – Direct and Specialty Lending, Orrick
Ian Simmonds, Chief Financial Officer, TPG Specialty Lending
Jonathan Bock, Managing Director, Wells Fargo
2:00PM INTERVIEW: Private Equity: What Makes for a Successful Relationship Between Sponsors and Funds?
  • What do sponsors look for when deciding which fund managers to work with? How do these relationships work for those who are sponsors and lenders?
  • How do offerings from direct lenders differ from what banks have traditionally provided?
  • Are there enough deals in the market to deploy the huge amounts of capital raised?
  • To what extent are sponsors still working with banks? How have these relationships changed over the past few years?
Moderator: Charlie Corbett, Editorial Director, Euromoney Conferences
John Bowman, Managing Director, Crescent Capital Group
2:25PM INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION: How to Implement Credit Analytics, Algorithms and High-Frequency Trading into your Alternative Credit Strategy
2:55PM Coffee Break
3:25PM Target Tables: Interactive Discussions

Target Tables: Interactive Discussions
Maximum attendance of 10 seated delegates per table

Target Table A: Regulation - Chair: Elliot Ganz, General Counsel, LSTA
Target Table B: Investing in Europe - Chair: Nedim Music, Senior Vice President, Deloitte Corporate Finance
Target Table C: Returns expectations from investors - Chair: Max Bower, Journalist, GlobalCapital
Target Table D: BDC Consolidation - Chair: Charlie Corbett, Editorial Director, Euromoney Conferences

Charlie Corbett, Editorial Director, Euromoney Conferences
Max Bower, Leveraged Finance Reporter, GlobalCapital
Elliot Ganz, General Counsel and Executive Vice President, Loan Syndications & Trading Association
Nedim Music, Senior Vice President, Deloitte Corporate Finance
4:10PM TARGET TABLE SPOKESPERSON SUMMARIES: Each target table chair host will summarize their conclusions to the whole room

Day 2: Wednesday, June 28, 2017

8:30AM Registration and Coffee
9:15AM Euromoney Welcome
Charlie Corbett, Editorial Director, Euromoney Conferences
9:25AM DEBATE: Do Funds have the Appetite to Participate in More Sponsorless Transactions? What Origination Models Work Best for these Deals?
  • Why are there not a higher number of non-sponsored deals? Does it all come down to skilful origination?
  • What do investors prefer?
  • Why are non-sponsored deals dominated by smaller funds?
  • Are non-sponsored deals better suited to the lower end of the mid-market?
Moderator: Max Bower, Leveraged Finance Reporter, GlobalCapital
Kyle Fox, Global Head Of Capital Markets, HIG Capital
Ty Clutterbuck, Partner, Peninsula Capital Partners
10:10AM DEBATE: Diversifying the LP Base: Fundraising Trends for Private Debt Funds
  • What are the options for raising capital on a global scale in the current market?
  • Which investors are making allocations to the private debt space?
  • How does fundraising differ on both sides of the Atlantic? What new investors are entering the market?
Moderator: Monica Arora, Partner, Proskauer
Robin Jarratt, Head of Global Private Credit Group, GIC
Oliver Fochler, CEO, Stone Mountain Capital
10:45AM DEBATE: How will the Industry Cope in the Event of a Downturn?
  • Where are we in the credit cycle? How can this quantified?
  • How are restructurings going to be managed in the event of a downturn?
  • What structural safeguards have been put in place? Does it all come down to industry experience of teams?
Moderator: Charlie Corbett, Editorial Director, Euromoney Conferences
Robert Radway, CEO and Chairman, NXT Capital
Randy Schwimmer, Senior Managing Director, Churchill Asset Management
11:20AM Coffee Break
11:55AM DEBATE: Exploring Lending Opportunities to Esoteric Classes: how are Players in the Market Developing into Niche Financiers?
  • After technology and healthcare, what speciality sectors are going to see more focused funds?
  • What risk profiles and returns do the different classes come with? What is investor appetite for lending to these classes?
  • Are sector specific lenders the way forward to provide the most suitable deal structures?
  • What specialist finance structures are evolving when lending across different sectors? Are certain deal structures better suited to some sectors than others?
Moderator: Max Bower, Leveraged Finance Reporter, GlobalCapital
Ted Koenig, Founder and CEO, Monroe Capital
Mike Weinmann, Managing Director, CRG
12:20PM Lunch and Close of Conference
1:20PM LP Private Credit Workshop

Hosted by: Ryan Flanders, Head of Private Debt Products, Preqin & Sylvia Owens, Senior Portfolio Advisor, Private Credit, Aksia LLC

Who should attend: LPs and institutional investors looking to invest in the private credit market

Preqin’s investor workshop is available to any LPs and institutional investors attending the Institutional and Alternative Lending Conference, on June 27-28 2017.  It focuses on engaging with investors on private credit products currently in the market and how they can diversify portfolios whilst achieving expected returns. With a focus on allocations and manager selection, hear about:


  • Categories, seniority and geography: How do they matter?
  • Exploring risk and return profiles on various funds currently in the market



  • How are investors constructing private debt portfolios?
  • How can private debt fit into growth oriented portfolios?



  • A closer look at different investment styles, fee structures and track records
  • How to access the most suitable fund managers



  • Issues in asset allocation, rebalancing portfolios and implementation
  • Monitoring, reporting and realising targets: keeping up to date
Ryan Flanders, Head of Private Debt Products, Preqin
Sylvia Owens, Senior Portfolio Advisor, Aksia LLC